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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Kim Kardashian Loves Junk Foods

Kim Kardashian

It reveals has begun the contamination its workouts and beginning that soon sell the videos on its Web site.. The socialite ones 27-year-old confesses to .com, hardly the deliberate consumption "I would help it well to lose five pounds or therefore. The resolution of new year of is in the futility. The star curvaceous of truth TV says it hasnt that it follows its promise exactly to eat well because it loves many not healthy alimony. Instead, one has obtained the strisce of the pollo. Awful!" di Its; Kardashian says that it is successful to avoid to eat the pancake when it has carried out one called to the international Room of in the afternoon because didnt it wishes the carbs. Hard Its therefore to eat well because I love many foods." you do not heal; just arrest of "I cant that it eats roba of refusal. It says, the "I has known that they were defective for me, but theyre worthy it." Kardashian currently is counting on the workout of old-way in order to remain in the figure.

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